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Guilin:Discovery tour
1 day Xi'an Terracotta Warriors and Horses
Xian, China
Museum private tour
Terracotta Warriors:The highlight of any Xi'an tour, the Terracotta Warriors Museum features over 8, 000 life-size Qin Dynasty-era soldiers. Discovered in 1974, the Warriors are located to the east of Emperor Qin Shihuang's Tomb, where the man who first unified China lies. Among the three pits, No. 1 pit is the largest one. More than 6, 000 clay warriors and horses could be unearthed from No. 1 pit. All of them are life-like. The terra-cotta warriors and horses are arrayed in an oblong battle formation of the Qin Dynasty, facing east, they look healthy and strong and have different facial expressions, showing Emperor Qingshihuang's Strong determination of wiping out the other six states and unifying the whole country.
9:00am:Pick up at hotel

10:00-14:00pm. Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum

14:00-15:00pm. Lunch time

15:00--16:30pm Return to Xian hotel
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